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Ina Mazzei - Illustrator

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, traveler, nature lover and I love chocolate.

It is said that when you are passionate about something during childhood it will be your main talent as an adult and it will guide you along the way.

Memories of days spent between pencils and watercolors and nights painting under the blankets drew the happiness of my childhood.

I studied graphic design in Caracas, the city where I grew up, and I took my first professional steps in Future Brand Caracas and Future Brand Sao Paulo, participating in projects of Development in Corporate Identity. Although I graduated as graphic designer, illustration has always been my passion.

The countries I’ve lived in -Venezuela, Brazil, Belgium and the United States- enriched me and inspired my work, along with everything that surrounds me.

I adore the simplicity of daily details: the yellow of a flower, the warmth of the caribbean and the small daily things are included in each one of my drawings.

I spend the days in my studio in Denver, but I travel a lot to Brazil. Sao Paulo adopted me and gave me the opportunity to make many friends; I also keep my home studio over there.

My master piece is in progress and just by being here you are already part of it.

Do you want to know what’s coming next?